Old Frontier maps with named and farmspots (Genesis) added


news5After some hours in the old frontier zone of all three realms at Genesis (formerly Origins) these OF maps realised. You can find most named and one-time-drop (OTD) enemies plus the best farmspots to gain XP in the frontiers.







More named and special NPCs


news4Over 200 named enemies and quest NPC's from hibernian mainland and Hy Brasil (SI) are now implemented.
Levelmaps are outdated and under reconstruction.


What will follow next?

  1. Old Frontier named NPCs
  2. More hibernia dungeons
  3. If hibernia is finished another realm will come (Expansion areas must wait)



Hibernia dungeons implemented


news3More hibernia dungeons are now available in the level guided area.

  • Muire Tomb
  • Spraggon Den
  • Koalinth Tribal Cavern
  • Treibh Caillte
  • Coruscating Mines

Additional copies of the dungeons corresponding to the character level will follow soon. 



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